Hopping up the Jersey Turnpike with Flying Fish Exit 4


I’ve been looking for this beer for a while, so when I found it at my local beer mart I was gitty, especially knowing that it was just going to be me and Irene (hurricane Irene) for the next two days. This is a Jersey beer and to be honest I haven’t had that much luck […]

A Le Bière! The KT Beer Smack Down!


In the past year I have consumed a lot of beers, most of which I can’t remember(all in the name of research). That was the whole reason behind starting a site, to document the beer that I have consumed over the years so I don’t forget the bad beers and remember the good beers. I […]

Fist Pumping With River Horse Tripel


So as I found myself in my happy place, my local beer mega mart, I get a call from my wife that I needed to get home ASAP to have dinner. There was only one thing to do, grab a staple and something of the style I like from a company I like, in walks […]