The Lost Witbier – Flying Dog Woody Creek White

Flying Dog Woody Creek White

Flying Dog Woody Creek White – 4.8% ABV Recently you may have seen a video review where we pitted a trio of witbiers against each other and laid the smackdown on them. After having this one, I realize that we could have included it in the competition and made it a fourth. After all this was a […]

My Thoughts on Red & White: Dogfish Head Red & White

Dogfish Head Red & White

Dogfish Head Red & White – 10%ABV I had Dogfish Head Red & White on draft one night at Iron Monkey and wanted to do a review of it. I picked up a bottle and decided to give it a whirl. First of all, let me say that this is unlike any witbier I’ve ever had. Then again, Dogfish […]

Sweaty Betty, Nice and Steady: Sweaty Betty Blonde Ale

Sweaty Betty Beer

Sweaty Betty Blonde Ale – 5.9% ABV Going through as many wheat beers or blonde ales as I have, it’s often easy to become jaded or unimpressed by the latest offering from a new brewery. Thankfully I found one that didn’t bore me to death. As a completely insatiable beer nerd, I decided to get […]

Beer Smack Down: Battle Wheat Beer

Allagash White, Southampton Double White and Victory Whirlwind

The Keg Tap Smack Down: Battle Wheat Its that time of year where summer comes out to play and the stouts go away. So with the introduction of the season and the heating up of our britches, we decided to bring you the awesomeness of wheat beers. This time instead of bringing you one review […]

Another Hall of Fame Offering from Ommegang: Ommegang Witte

Ommegang Witte beer

Ommegang Witte – 5.1% ABV BPA, Hennepin, Rare VOS, Three Philosophers. All of these fine brews have been enjoyed by yours truly and brought to you by Brewery Ommegang. This brewery from upstate New York (Cooperstown to be exact, home of MLB Hall of Fame) is the purveyor of fine Belgian quaff, brewing exclusively Belgian […]

Magic Hat Circus Boy Does a Disappearing Act

photo by jwiv of

Magic Hat Circus Boy Hefeweizen – Magic Hat Brewing Co. – 4.4% ABV Being a lover of a good wheat beer (and good beer in general) means I have the chance to check out several varieties from several breweries. I’ve never wanted to confine myself within the boundaries of being labeled a hophead or a […]

Middle of the Road? Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen

Photo by NorthwestBeerGuide of

Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen – 4.9% ABV I’ve had conversations with guys all the time about the state of craft brewing. Because I also brew my own beer, such conversations occur on a regular basis with other like-minded people. I mean, where do you think craft brewing came from? It came out of some guy’s basement […]

Not Just Your Average Joe – Trader Joe’s Does Beer Too?

Trader Joe photo by Khürt of

Trader Joe’s Bavarian Hefeweizen ABV 5.3% For years I’ve come to expect various food and drink items from your local Trader Joe’s store, among other things. To the uninitiated, Trader Joe’s is a specialty retail grocery store based in Pasadena, CA, with chains in about 9 or 10 states across the country. They’ve got a ton […]

Is Great White beer great?


I had some beer (one seasonal) in my fridge waiting to be tasted. You know they were just chillaxing waiting for their turn to be featured on this site. But they were casualties of not only having company but of company that likes to drink too. They didn’t make it through the weekend. So on […]

New Sam Adams varieties? Count me in…


I have yet to enjoy the Sam Adams New World Tripel or the Thirteenth Hour styles from their Barrel Room Collection, but give me time, this will happen. I was able to savor two other varieties in an unfamiliar form – 22 oz bottles. I’ve only seen Sam Adams in 6 pack form since I […]