Worry About Yourself: My Beer Tolerance vs My Palate

Drunk Kid credit: andrew_mc_d of flickr.com

My Beer Tolerance vs My Palate It all starts out innocently enough; I get to the bar I peruse the menu looking for beers not too heavy in alcohol to ease my way into the night. Like foreplay I have to work my way into the heavy hitters I can’t just try and ram a […]

Handling Relationships with Non-Beer Lovers


My dream girl has long been the woman who not only inspires me intellectually, but shares all of my passions. This includes beer. As it stands, I only have one of the two now, but batting .500 ain’t too shabby just about anywhere you go. I have been a beer lover for decades already. When I was […]

Spreading the Wealth – My First Craft Beer Tasting Gig

Beer Tasting Flight photo by LA & OC Foodventures of flickr.com

Teach them well… I really enjoy working for my company. Not only is the work environment itself a good one, but it offers its employees numerous extracurricular activities to partake in when they are not on the clock handling the business of the day. Several great ways to de-stress. Not long ago, one such event was a wine […]

Why I Love Beer – A Treatise


I Love Beer and Here’s Why Picture the sight of a giant foamy wave forming above a golden amber ocean, the smell of malty sweetness and pungent pine and grapefruit citrus permeating the air. The aroma entices you to dig deeper, get a taste of this new discovery. The cold sweet elixir hits your palate […]

Sprechen Sie Bier? Weissenohe Monk’s Christmas


Weissenohe Monk’s Christmas – 5.1% ABV I thought this was an interesting one. The look alone certainly caught my eye. Monk’s Christmas, eh? Fair enough. This one is brewed by Klosterbrauerei Weissenohe, a German brewer. Apparently this place has a long history. In 1050 AD, Benedictine monks opened the Weissenohe Abbey in Franconia where they […]

Behold Cascazilla – The Monster from New York

cascazilla by librarygrrrl of flickr.com

Despite the fact that I like all various beer styles, normally I’m not a huge fan of hoppy beers. Then again, some varieties I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. For instance, Founders Devil Dancer, which is like hop overdrive on steroids was fun and enjoyable, but others don’t quite cut the mustard for me. So I’m faced with […]

Texas Heat in the Jersey Winter – Curling up to Rahr & Sons Winter Warmer…


It wasn’t enough that Santa Claus was super good to me – I got myself brand new brewing equipment so now I can make my own beer anytime I want, as well as a four pack of pilsner glasses in which to put the fruits of my labor. I got more good news when a […]

The Curious Case of Imperial Pilsner: My Antonia Dogfish Head


The lucky man I am, I get a text from my Sister-in-Law that she got me a beer. She works at a wine store, not to be confused with a liquor store so she has access to quality beer at discount prices, talk about a perfect combo :) Ok so when she gets here I […]

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