How to Build a Kegerator

How To Build a Kegerator

Jason walks you through his process on how to build a kegerator complete with a tap and drip tray in this video using an existing full sized fridge and a little Texas ingenuity while wearing his New Jersey t-shirt :)

Brewing a Northern Brewer Grapefruit Pulpin Kit

Northern Brewer Grapefruit Pulpin

Northern Brewer Grapefruit Pulpin a homebrew kit which I brew up in this video. Stay tuned for updates on this brew including tasting and kegging.

How to Add Coconut to Your Beer

How to Add Coconut to Your Beer

So you know how the old saying goes, give a Puerto Rican a coconut and he’ll eat for a day teach him how to open the coconut and he’ll make a fool of himself on Youtube. Well today I show you how to add coconut to your beer and enjoy the nuts of my labor! Wait […]

How to Keg Beer! (video)

How To Keg Beer

How to Keg Beer Many a home brewer knows the effort and time it takes to bottle a batch of beer. On top of that, there is the waiting period required during bottle conditioning. Here I go over the process of how to keg beer – from hooking up your draft lines to force carbonating your beer in the […]

How To Bottle Beer with Jason (video)

How to Bottle Beer

How To Bottle Beer In this video I go over the process of bottling my Scotch Ale Brewers Best kit that I brewed two weeks ago. Its a pretty simple process that does take a considerable amount of time and drives most homebrewers to buy keg kits. Nonetheless for those that don’t want to invest […]

All Grain Homebrewing Separates the Cooks from the Chefs (video)

Hermen All Grain Homebrewing

All-grain homebrewing is like going from a cook to a chef. While all-grain brewing is more time intensive, it allows a brewer to have ultimate control of the finished product. Here is the quick and dirty on all-grain brewing to give you an idea of the journey ahead.  On a different note, this is my first […]

How Beer Is Made: Breaking Down Homebrewing (video)

How Beer Is Made: Homebrewing

How Beer Is Made Beer making is science yo (insert Aaron Paul voice) so we understand that at times the process looks uhhh confusing. What’s really going on? How do we get from grain to beer? What’s going on in the process? How do you make that celestial unicorn juice jump out of my glass and into my […]

Homebrewing a One Gallon Beer with a Craft A Brew Kit (video)


IT’S HOMEBREW MONTH For the entire month of November we are highlighting all things homebrew. This week we are highlighting brewing equipment for those just starting off and don’t know much about the process. To do that we brew a small 1 gallon extract kit from Craft a Brew and go over the basics of […]

A Craft Beer Wedding Done the Keg Tap Way

Jason's Craft Beer Wedding

A Craft Beer Wedding On August 23, 2014 I officially became a spoken-for man by marrying my gorgeous wife Sonia. Since The Keg Tap is where I lay my beer blogging hat, I couldn’t have the typical wedding beers of Coors Light, Corona, etc. I had to do it the Keg Tap way. That being said, at my craft […]

My Converted Cooler Mash Tun: Igloo Ice Cube 60qt (video)

Igloo Ice Cube Mash Tun

My Converted Igloo Ice Cube Cooler Mash Tun I started all grain brewing about two years ago with the Brew in A Bag (BIAB) technique and I’ve had great success with that over the years. There have been two occasions though were I wanted to brew five gallons of beer and BIAB just isn’t the […]