Clown Shoes Coffee Pecan Pie

For our Wonderful Wednesday episode of Beer Bros, we really go “Nuts” by trying out some Clown Shoes.  Not real Clown Shoes, but the brewed version of Clown Shoes Pecan Pie Porter.  This robust, sweet, and malty porter is something for an autumn afternoon snack.  Try this after a great meal with family and friends.  Typical of Clown Shoes selections, this comes in a bomber, so there’s some extra to go around.  Although,  after trying this fall treat you may not want to share!!


From Clown Shoes website:

Clown Shoes Coffee Pecan Pie Porter (Fall Seasonal)

Each year we tweak our Pecan Pie Porter. For 2015, we added cold brewed coffee from Atomic Cafe in Beverly, MA. Smooth porter flavors with sweet roast and rich nutty notes resulted. Genghis Pecan, after attacking beer thieving turkeys for 3 years in a row, has now achieved ultimate victory. He reclines eating pie, sipping a cup of coffee under autumn leaves Genghis we salute your valiant Mongolian spirit!
8% Alcohol by volume.

Clown Shoes Coffee Pecan Pie

Clown Shoes Coffee Pecan Pie

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