Double Take IPA – if you see it look away

NoBeer Sign by fridgeuk of

No Beer Sign by fridgeuk of

Double Take IPA – ABV 6.9%, 70 IBU

Double Take IPA from New York (or is it?). The beer’s label states that the beer is “brewed by Brewmaster’s Choice in Rochester, NY.” But here’s the paradox … the label (and beer’s website) implies the beers comes from a brewery called Double Take Brewing Co. hence the name. The site describes the company as one that makes “premium craft beer” however the only thing is there isn’t a craft brewery that actually brews the premium craft beer at least one that I could identify on said site or by researching it on the internet. This is something that is not usually difficult to find. Well according to the company is owned by the Winery Exchange from California and Hook & Ladder Brewing Company from Maryland. The Winery Exchange self describes as “the only full-service private brand beverage alcohol company that sources beer, wine and spirits from the finest regions worldwide.” On the Double Take’s website contact us section it says “Double Take Beer is produced by: Brewmasters Choice” and gives a phone number and an email ending with a link to the winery exchange website. The maker’s of this beer state that “its a head snapper.”

Well I have to agree that this beer and its makers are a head snapping disappointment. This appears to be a case of corporate deceitfulness trying to capitalize on the craft/micro brew anti-corporate expectation. I bought a six pack of this crap at Safeway where it was mixed in with true micros. After getting home with this beer and researching it I have to admit that I was not a happy beer camper. Shame on you corporations for pissing on this niche.

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Greetings from Portland, Oregon. My name is J. and I love to drink beer (I have the belly to prove it too!). I am the only West Coast blogger on this wonderful site. I am also by no means a pundit in the art of tasting and writing about good beer but just a regular dude who has grown to love craft and micro beer especially Oregon and West Coast beers and now I have the opportunity to blog about my likes and dislikes to anyone who wants to read my rants and raves. Portland is filled with good breweries and so is the rest of Oregon and the left coast. As I’ve grown older my taste preferences have also grown from boring and inexpensive domestics to tasty, calorie filled and 'spendy' micro adult beverages. I prefer India Pale Ales (IPAs) along with Amber Ales but any beer that makes my palate happy I'll bottoms up the son of a gun. Here’s one of my favorite quotes: “A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.” Cheers! 04/19/12

At the moment my favorite brews are/come from:

Hood River, Oregon's Full Sail Brewery (IPA)
Escondido, California's Stone Brewery (IPA)
Eugene, Oregon's Ninkasi Brewery (TG IPA)
Honorable mention:
Lahaina, Maui’s Maui Brewing Co. (Hi.P.Hay IPA)


  1. How about a full review of what a macro company would try to pass off as a craft ale? If you’ve got a six pack, you might as well… although I’d hate to make you drink it again, from the sound of it.

    That being said, does Hook & Ladder have anything to say about the quality of beer? I’m only assuming that they were responsible for brewing it. I’ve never tried their brew, but they look to be legitimate with their GABF Gold Medal and all. Perhaps it’s just a bad batch that they’re trying to sell off instead of dump… such actions would be a grievous injustice to the craft world.

  2. I thought about still rating the brew but ended up not b/c of the negative review about its brewing. I’m trying to think now if it was a decent beer or not. To tell you the truth I can’t remember. After I found out that it was not a mirco I was pisst. No so much pisst that it wasn’t a micro but b/c of the lengths the company(ies) went to deceiving its customers. I know that micros eventually become macros but having integrity is something that is lost once a company is macro or corporate b/c they know they craft beer niche drinkers are savvy, sophisticated and educated about what they chose to spend the money on expensive beer.

  3. I just found some in my fridge. At the moment, from what I’ve googled, it seems to be owned by Winery Exchange and brewed by either Genesee/High Falls or Dundee on a contract basis. They also own a couple dozen other brands, which are produced on contract mainly by regional and macro brewers, including both independents and ABI/Miller Coors owned/staked companies. Most brands have producers in/near the markets of each brand. Some of the ABI companies are hidden behind up to four layers of corporate holdings. The overall goal is to create a wide range of craft style products at a low production cost to maximize retail shelf space and thus sales and profits. Few of these beers approach the quality of what they displace in the market. Unfortunately, retailers like these products, because of the larger profit margins.

    In the meantime, I’m going to stick with the eight or ten local breweries within biking distance of where I live.

  4. This is happening with spirits, too. More private label, low cost, high margin, poor quality entrants taking up shelf space, trying to capitalize on the consumer’s increasing willingness to try something new. Two more egregious examples are the Boatswain and Mission Street brands at Trader Joes. I call it “crap-craft”, but it’s just bizzness.

    • my biggest problem is that people will buy this thinking its craft only to get “crap-craft” and will be turned off.

  5. Kailash Nathan says:

    I found this at Safeway on sale for $7.50 a 12 pack (the variety pack). I thought maybe I could drink them. It’s better than your standard lagers, but not too different from them. The taste is sweet yet shallow.

    I wish I had taken a double take and walked out instead of buying 4 12 packs.

    I’m going to donate them to the next camping trip in a couple of weeks, and buy myself some better beer.

    ps. Also in Portland, OR. We have an excellent selection here, and I was trying to go cheap, but in the end, it’s costing me more money :)

    • I totally understand this… My motto is if I do think like it I now have stock pile for my next BBQ. Someone’s bound to drink it. Cheers and thanks for reading!

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