Father’s Day Beer Gifts 2016

Fathers Day Beer Gifts 2016

Walk away from the ties, socks, slippers or robes this Father’s Day! No serious, we don’t need another tie or a pair of bespoke socks. Slowly back away from those gifts that scream “I put you off to the very last minute and this is what was left in Kohls.” Give your father something he would be proud to use/wear, something with meaning and purpose something that screams I love you and here’s a reflection of that love in a thoughtful gift.

No this is not a pitch to my wife to get me something cool for Father’s Day, its just a list of cool Father’s Day Beer gifts that any craft beer lover would enjoy. But hun if you’re reading this, these are cool too :)

Here’s the list in no particular order:

Homebrew kit

Northern Brewer Homebrew Kit

Northern Brewer Homebrew Kit

The easiest and cheapest way to start homebrewing for the first time is to go with a 1 gallon homebrew kit. It gives you everything you needs, besides the bottles and pot (kettle) to get started and includes all instructions to get your first batch of brew going. Northern Brewer’s 1 Gallon Homebrew Starter kit includes everything you need including ingredients and a DVD to get that beer lover in your life started.

Website ideas: Northern Brewer’s 1 Gallon Homebrew Starter kit



Founders Glass

Founders Glass

Nothing says I know what the hell I’m doing more than drinking beer out of the proper glassware. If the beer lover in your life loves a particular beer or brewery get him or her glassware for that specific beer or brewery. Founders Brewing sells a KBS Glass one of my favorite brews and a very popular beer all around, pictured above. You can get these online or sometimes at your local brewery. You can also go with versatile quality glassware like those from Spiegelau  or Riedel

Website ideas: Founders BrewingSpiegelauRiedel


Brewery T shirt

Father's Day Craft Beer Gift

I love going on vacation and wearing my favorite brewery’s t-shirt. I was in Mexico last year and spotted a guy with a New Glarus T Shirt walking down the street so I stopped him and chatted him up about local places to get a good beer. That was a huge score! These you can also get online or at your local brewery.

Website ideas: Cigar City Brewing, Firestone Walker, Goose Island


Event ticket


BeerTickets credit: http://americaontap.com/

There are always Beer Festivals or events going on near you at all times. Find a local event, festival, Homebrew Con, tasting, food pairing, etc and get tickets.



credit: www.hydroflask.com

credit: www.hydroflask.com

Get a growler with your loved ones name on it or one from his favorite brewery. Even just a regular all purpose quality growler like Hydroflask options are a great idea. They can be found in a wide range of colors on Amazon and the Hydroflask site.

Website Ideas: Hydroflask site, Klean Kanteen, MiiR


Do not purchase the Beer of the Month subscriptions, they are usually overpriced and give beer that is not of the highest quality considering the high price tag. Yes its an easy seemingly thoughtful gift yet the beer that arrives usually is of lesser quality.

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