Father’s Day Beer Gifts: A Guide to Getting It Right

Father's Day Beer Gifts

The first rule of father’s day beer gifts is that you don’t buy a beer of the month subscription. The second rule is you don’t buy a beer of the month subscription. Beer of the month subscriptions load shitty beer into a box and ship it out. You occasionally get that one good beer in there but overall its an expensive gift that doesn’t really please a craft beer lover. Third and final rule, don’t buy the craft beer father in your life beer. Yeah Yeah I know sounds counter intuitive but trust me if you’re not totally up on what he likes and don’t have access to someone to ship you rare beers, don’t do it.

Instead I’ve compiled a list of father’s day beer gifts to sure please any craft beer lover in your life because you can’t go wrong here. You can’t get the style of beer wrong because beer isn’t on this list. Here’s my 2015 guide to Father’s Day Beer Gifts.

1. Brewery T-shirt

Father's Day Beer Gifts

credit: kanebrewing.com

Its probably not hard to figure out his favorite brewery or at the very least a brewery he really likes. Once you have that, go on their website and order a t-shirt from them.

2. Brewery Glass Ware

Father's Day Beer Gifts

Same thing with the t-shirt. Find his favorite brewery and get on their website and order some cool brewery specific glassware.

3. Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

Father's Day Beer Gifts

credit: bottlecutting.com

This thing turns ordinary used bottles into glassware. Yeah that’s right!

Buy the Kinkajou

4. One Gallon Brew Kit

Father's Day Beer Gifts

This is a very easy way to get a craft beer lover into brewing his own beer. A simple and easy 1 gallon kit like the Craft A Brew kit I brewed is a great place to start as it comes with everything you need to brew right in the box. 

Check out me brewing the Craft A Brew Kit

5. Growler

Father's Day Beer Gifts

credit: facebook.com/hydroflask

There are tons of growler options out there, but nothing compares to a quality double walled stainless steel growler. Try my favorite from


6. Bottle Opener

father’s Day Beer Gifts

credit: Bullets2Bandages.com

There are tons of options out there when it comes to cool bottle openers, I like the .50 cal openers from

Bullets 2 Bandages

7. Craft Beer Books

Canned!: Artwork of the Modern American Beer Can

As a present I would go with a good coffee table style book. One that can be picked up flipped through for a few and placed back down. I recommend Canned: The Artwork of the Modern American Beer Can. It filled with pictures of the artwork from beer cans with descriptions telling you a little bit about the beer or the artwork.

Canned: The Artwork of the Modern American Beer Can

8. Growler Pressurizer

Growltap father’s Day Beer Gifts

credit: facebook.com/GrowlTap

This is great for the guy who already owns a growler since you place it over the neck of a growler and it pressurizes the growler keeping it fresh. Try

GrowlTap or the Pssssh

9. More Beer Stuff

Father's Day Beer Gift

If the above selections aren’t enough for you, head over to Beer Loved for a great selection of beer related gifts. If they can’t help you, forgetaboutit.

Beer Loved

That’s it, if you have any questions, comments or additions to this list leave it below in the comment section. Cheers!

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