Stone the Crows Firestone Walker Union Jack Is Here (video)

Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA 7.5% ABV

I like Double IPAs (DIPA)but I don’t like drinking one or two glasses and being done for the night. The problem I have though is that on average single IPAs can’t match the flavor and complexity of a Double IPA. So here’s my quandary: finding a beer that has the flavor of a DIPA but the ABV of a Single IPA and the results are usually disappointing. UNTIL NOW!

Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA is everything I’ve been looking for in an IPA. Lower ABV (7.5%) and great flavor all in a refreshing package with great mouthfeel that makes you want to retire your homebrewing kits.

Watch the video above and let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

BIG thank you to RealAleGuide  for reviewing this beer and making me a believer! “Stone the Crows that’s a good beer.”

Firestone Walker Union Jack


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  1. That’s awesome. Wrap the video, then go and unwrap a baby girl. If you like this, you should try the Double Jack, although it is 9.5% and “strong like bull.” I’ve got a review in the works…

  2. chris green says:

    I also love this beer. I would give this an A+ also. I found this site from looking up who sells the double jack on tap. I told my wife if I find a place that has it on tap we’re going on vacation. (no joke). I’m from NH so if you know of any places I would love to know. thanks

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