Fist Pumping With River Horse Tripel

So as I found myself in my happy place, my local beer mega mart, I get a call from my wife that I needed to get home ASAP to have dinner. There was only one thing to do, grab a staple and something of the style I like from a company I like, in walks Steen Brugge Tripel and River Horse Tripel.

Having riding a high from the River Horse Double Wit, I decided to go with it instead of Allagash tripel which I’ve also been dying to taste after falling deeply in love with Allagash Curieux. But River Horse is a Jersey company and I’m a Jersey boy so its time I pull up my fist pumping sandals and support home grown beer.


I will say after having the beer that its a standard Tripel. Its not going to win any awards but at 10% alcohol after two beers I forgot it was just an average tripel. I’m not by all means saying it was bad because it wasn’t, it was a nice standard tripel but doesn’t have the complexity that other tripels have. Plus a 6 pack for $11 was a good deal, so if you feel like dawning some GTL and a spray tan, consider picking up a River Horse Tripel and enjoy a good jersey brew.


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I'm just a guy who has a passion for good beer. Over the past few years I've been making it a point to introduce my friends to good quality beer and now, all of you. There's a world beyond cold activated cans, clydesdales, green bottles and Mexican clear bottled beer, you just need to tap that keg. Stay thirsty but stay different.


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