Move Over Eggnog! Goose Island Christmas Ale (video)

Goose Island Christmas Ale 7.3% ABV

Its that time of year again when we all start to think of cold winter nights huddle around a fireplace while the glow of the Christmas tree shines bright in the background. Its a season cherished by many and lauded as being the holiday of holidays, the one time of year where everyone is happy and any misfortunes can be drowned in Christmas carols and eggnog. I say that we knock that overly rich/fattening eggnog off our counter and replace it with some of the best Christmas beers on earth, Goose Island Christmas Ale.

With that glowing introduction I bring you my video review of Goose Island Christmas Ale.

The Keg Tap Rating: A+

Goose Island Christmas Ale

Goose Island Christmas Ale

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