Don’t pass over this Easter ale: Gouden Carolus Easter Ale (video)

Basket picture adapted from by Lynda Giddens of

Basket picture adapted from by Lynda Giddens of

Gouden Carolus Easter Ale 10.5% ABV

Shopping in my local beer mega-mart I caught a glance of a bottle that had an Easter bunny on it and thought “what the heck is that.” Looking at it that bottle was Gouden Carolus Easter Ale a Belgian Dark ale from Het Anker a brewery that I hold in very high regards. So I purchased a bottle and there begins the story of this review, I could find very little history on this beer so I don’t know anything about it accept that its now here and ready for us to drink.

This is a very interesting and different kind of brew something I wasn’t expecting at all and really caught me by surprise. I was expecting a truely Belgian Dark/dubbel what I got was something very different. Enjoy Gouden Carolus Easter Ale and don’t forget to leave your comments and thoughts below.

Review Score: A-

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