Homebrewing a One Gallon Beer with a Craft A Brew Kit (video)


Keg Tap-Homebrew LogoFor the entire month of November we are highlighting all things homebrew. This week we are highlighting brewing equipment for those just starting off and don’t know much about the process. To do that we brew a small 1 gallon extract kit from Craft a Brew and go over the basics of using the kit. Thursday Hermen will go into detail about advanced homebrew equipment.

At the beginning of the video I highlight the basic equipment needed to start homebrewing and then highlight the equipment that comes in this kit. This kit is for those curious but not wanting to make the full jump and spend all of the money. This is an updated, fancier Mr. Beer kit that most of us started brewing our first homebrew on so its only natural that I show you where most of us started.

If you are curious about homebrewing I would recommend this kit since it comes with almost everything you need in one box! This kit makes it very simple and quick to brew a one gallon batch without worries of learning to use and or buying expensive equipment. Happy Brewing!

To purchase the Craft a Brew Kit visit their website at www.craftabrew.com

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