How Beer Is Made: Breaking Down Homebrewing (video)

How Beer Is Made

Beer making is science yo (insert Aaron Paul voice) so we understand that at times the process looks uhhh confusing. What’s really going on? How do we get from grain to beer? What’s going on in the process? How do you make that celestial unicorn juice jump out of my glass and into my mouth? Well wonder no more! In today’s video we unravel the mysteries of the homebrewing process and break down the steps and ingredients involved in making beer or beeah for those in Boston.

This video is a simplified version of the process there are many other nuances and science stuff that goes way over my head but that’s the point of the video to give you a stripped down version of the process. If you have any additional questions leave them in the comments below and I’ll be sure to give you my best Walter White impression. Cheers!

Life is Brewtiful!

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