How to Add Coconut to Your Beer

So you know how the old saying goes, give a Puerto Rican a coconut and he’ll eat for a day teach him how to open the coconut and he’ll make a fool of himself on Youtube.

Well today I show you how to add coconut to your beer and enjoy the nuts of my labor! Wait … Ehhh Enjoy the video and if you have questions leave a comment below.


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About Irving

I'm just a guy who has a passion for good beer. Over the past few years I've been making it a point to introduce my friends to good quality beer and now, all of you. There's a world beyond cold activated cans, clydesdales, green bottles and Mexican clear bottled beer, you just need to tap that keg. Stay thirsty but stay different.


  1. I would just leave it on the coconut and drink with a straw

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