Kicking Nads One Sour Beer at a Time: Lakefront New Grist

Lakefront New Grist

Lakefront New Grist ABV 5.1%

In this age of allergy everything, I have taken on a little challenge of tasting a Gluten free beer. At first, like many of you, I kind of turned my nose up to the thought of a beer not made with barley. After some chiding and nudging I decided to taste one and that’s where my Lakefront New Grist Sorghum beer comes in today.

Let’s jump right into the review, it pours a very adjunct lager pale color, clear with minimal head. The smell is hard to discern, very faint fruity smell and I had to get my nose deep in my cup. Ok then I took a nice swig of the beer and you get this sweet, apple taste reminiscent to a watery Lindemans Apple Lambic beer. No hop profile at all. Then the aftertaste kicks in and makes me cringe like I just walked into a fart cloud at Walmart. It has a nice mouthfeel though, nicely carbonated and very refreshing.

That aftertaste though is a kick in the nads and really makes you think twice about taking another sip. But in the effort of research I push forward and take another sip. Same watery apple and super sour flavor, first impression confirmed.  I handed some to my wife to get some validation and she didn’t like it.

In all fairness I do not like sour beers and Lakefront New Grist kind of reminded me of a sour beer. Maybe a sour beer drinker might find this beer refreshing and enjoyable but I do not. I’m going to try some other gluten free beers but I don’t think I’ll ever try this one again. Maybe if I had a gluten allergy I might think twice but I can’t palate that swift kick in the teeth of sour apples but if you have tried Lakefront New Grist let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. wow gosh in the balls & sachel. I actually have some crazy food allergies (I think from messed up intestines) so i was trying to find a beer that was gluten free, corn syrup free, just free of all that fake stuff made from mold. Anyway, I started drinking New Grist and loved it. I actually read this article drinking a glass of New Grist. I now realize that the aftertaste isn’t that great. Now every time I drink it I am going to think of that “kick in the teeth” feeling. Thanks for ruining it for me! haha

    – Jim

    • :) Sorry Jim! Well like I wrote, it starts off nice its just that finish that really ruined this beer for me. If you enjoy it man, go ahead and drink up don’t let my palate get in the way of something you like. Thanks for reading!

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