Magic Hat Hi.P.A. Confuses the Hell Out of Me

Magic Hat Hi.P.A. ABV: 6.7% IBU:?

A highly hopped India Pale Ale, which was formerly our spring seasonal. It began and ended with a hop bite that is itself forever balanced on the brink by a steady rhythm of malt. The label was designed by artist Stanley Mouse who is internationally acclaimed for his iconographic concert posters for venues like the Fillmore Auditoriums and the Winterland Ballroom as well as his classic album covers for the Grateful Dead and other bands.

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Magic Hat Hi.P.A. is one of those head scratchers. The label looks cool, the aroma smells great, it looks purdy in a glass and then you drink it and you’re wondering what just happened. Watch the video above and let me know if you’ve had this beer and what you think.


Magic Hat Hi.P.A.

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