Pepe Le Pew’s Proxy: Great Divide Tripel

It’s difficult to write about something that doesn’t stand out and doesn’t really make a name for itself because it blends in with the rest of the pack and doesn’t give you that one thing to hang on to. The Great Divide Tripel is just that middle of the road beer that doesn’t stand up for itself as being something that’s a notch above the competition and ultimately drowns in the sea of tripels.

I’ve had a lot of tripels lately and this one, by far, is not a good representative in the league tripels. The smell is spot on and it’s so good you can’t wait to try it, it’s like that wafting fragrance from the Pepe Le Pew cartoons that sucks you in and makes you crazy. Once you taste it though, just like Pepe Le Pew, you find out rather quickly that that sweet smell is nothing more than a biter grapefruity beer that’s nicely carbonated and high in alcohol and that’s it. It leaves this grapefruit aftertaste and maybe its becuase I don’t like grapefruits but it makes me want to go rinse my mouth out or drink more.

The good? It has a great smell and beautiful smooth carbonation with the touch of creaminess that’s common to all tripels. Will I buy this again? No. Will I drink it if its given to me, sure, its not bad it’s just not a good representation of the style of beer.

All in all, I still hold Great Divide in very high regards and I’m glad they knew well enough to retire this beer. Cheers!

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