Rubicon Brewing Co. – Sacramento, CA

Rubicon Brewing

Rubicon Brewing Co. – Sacramento, CA

Sactown, the capitol of the state of my youth. The end. That’s about as much as I know about it besides just kind of being out in the middle of no where. Anyway I was down in Sacramento, CA recently for business with a co-worker. We stayed downtown in an acceptable hotel which was good since we were in walking distance or a short taxi ride drive to many dinner choices. There weren’t many micro-breweries or brew pubs like my hometown but hey, not every city can be cool like Portland!

Anyway, we decided to go to Rubicon Brewing and our old hippie taxi driver gave his consent of the place. Thank you, sir. It was over 100 degrees that day in capitol city and although I would have liked to sit in their outdoor seating (definite plus) I didn’t want to sweat like Romney when he avoids questions about his tax returns. So we sat inside in your typical brew pub style chairs and tables. The San Francisco Giants were on all the TVs that night and the crowd was uncomfortably disappointed that their team was gettin whooped by the Washington Nationals (Giants ended up losing 14 – 2). The crowd was also a mixture of middle aged people to younger folks. It was a good crowd for a Monday night. Our waiter was helpful and attentive and helped with the selections of beer I tasted.

The Rubicon Brewing beer selection was limited. I chose four of their beers first and added their strong Winter wheatwine later to my disappointment. I didn’t do much smelling at this tasting as is expected during a brew tasting for me not to mention to mixture of tasting done quickly which may not always let single beer stand out. Nevertheless if a brew is good and spectacular it will stand out no matter what. With that said no beer stood out for me. Not even the IPA. However my two favored suds were their IPA and Monkey Knife Fight American pale ale.

About Juan J

Greetings from Portland, Oregon. My name is J. and I love to drink beer (I have the belly to prove it too!). I am the only West Coast blogger on this wonderful site. I am also by no means a pundit in the art of tasting and writing about good beer but just a regular dude who has grown to love craft and micro beer especially Oregon and West Coast beers and now I have the opportunity to blog about my likes and dislikes to anyone who wants to read my rants and raves. Portland is filled with good breweries and so is the rest of Oregon and the left coast. As I’ve grown older my taste preferences have also grown from boring and inexpensive domestics to tasty, calorie filled and 'spendy' micro adult beverages. I prefer India Pale Ales (IPAs) along with Amber Ales but any beer that makes my palate happy I'll bottoms up the son of a gun. Here’s one of my favorite quotes: “A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.” Cheers! 04/19/12

At the moment my favorite brews are/come from:

Hood River, Oregon's Full Sail Brewery (IPA)
Escondido, California's Stone Brewery (IPA)
Eugene, Oregon's Ninkasi Brewery (TG IPA)
Honorable mention:
Lahaina, Maui’s Maui Brewing Co. (Hi.P.Hay IPA)


  1. Their stout was ok but nothing to write home to mom about though. Thank god I live in Oregon.

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