Salute to Acropolis Steakhouse: Portland, OR

Acropolis Portland Sign by sparklemotion0 of

Acropolis Portland Sign by sparklemotion0 of

Acropolis Steakhouse Plus: Portland, Oregon

Come hither dear sir – find a cozy seat, have a hearty meal and enjoy the top of the line entertainment show that Portland has to offer!!! Whoa is this a Manhattan quality theatrical show or part of the Shakespearean Festival in Ashland, Oregon or is this the mother-effen Portland Oregon’s own Acropolis Steakhouse!? Your guess is correct. Portland is not only known for its limitless mirco breweries but is also home to the most strip joints per capita according to the Willamette Week in all of the US. Don’t belive me? Well you most def need to come check it out for yourself. I belong to a certain organization that is national in scope and I have brought many of my friends, from out of state, who belong to this organization here when they’ve visited and I can say they were not diappointed. This business has 4 stages for the patrons’ viewing pleasure.

The New York Times wrote about Acropolis Steakhouse in their Travel section and wrote:

… a visit to a Portland strip club is inevitable, I wound up one night at the Acropolis Steakhouse Plus, a Vegas-y joint with a $3 cover charge that had been recommended by — of all people — my little sister. She liked it … for the ludicrously cheap steaks. My eight-ounce sirloin … came deliciously medium-rare. This being Portland, the meat was locally sourced, too, from cattle on the owner’s ranch.

That’s right, if you’re hungry and swing by for lunch, dinner or while just taking a peaky peak, this steakhouse has delicious slices of meat to order and as ordered. The cattle is locally grown and owned by the owner, the price of some cuts you’d expect to be up to $40 are less than $10. My favorite is their 16 ounce Top Sirloin for $8. All of their steaks come with a salad and fries or baked potato with bread. But when you’re supporting the arts all night you can get the steak bites for really cheap. My only warning is to stay away from the Acrop house special 8 ounce sirloin which is $5.50 which I have found to be no bueno (the meat was just crappy). On a side note I really enjoy the cheesy mac-n-cheese at this establishment.

Ok, ok some of you may not be into supporting the dancing arts or may be prohibited by your significant other from doing so. In other words you’re on lockdown status, he he. No worries. Then support this local business for its 64 beers on tap. That’s right if you tried to drink one pint of each of these beers in one night you’d never make it and you would be escorted out to the parking lot by the acropo-hariy-burely bouncers faster than a stripper takes your one dollar bill if you cant handle the akeehol. I called the Acrop tonight and they told me that they have 64 beers on tap plus 3 or so plus in bottles (i.e., Corona and sissy drinks like various flavors of Mikes Hard Lemonade) and about 10 of those on tap are IPAs. My favs. With this many beers being sold here you’re bound to find one that’s agreeable to your palate. I usually get Ninkasi IPA when I go which is on the stronger of the IPA spectrum. A pint of a micro will cost you about $4.50 and under for the cheaper ones. The pitchers are reasonably priced and if you’re at this joint with a buddy and enjoy the same beer then get a pitcher and save a little cash. I gotta go. Cheers!

Acropolis Steakhouse Plus
8325 Southeast McLoughlin Blvd
Portland, OR 97232

About Juan J

Greetings from Portland, Oregon. My name is J. and I love to drink beer (I have the belly to prove it too!). I am the only West Coast blogger on this wonderful site. I am also by no means a pundit in the art of tasting and writing about good beer but just a regular dude who has grown to love craft and micro beer especially Oregon and West Coast beers and now I have the opportunity to blog about my likes and dislikes to anyone who wants to read my rants and raves. Portland is filled with good breweries and so is the rest of Oregon and the left coast. As I’ve grown older my taste preferences have also grown from boring and inexpensive domestics to tasty, calorie filled and 'spendy' micro adult beverages. I prefer India Pale Ales (IPAs) along with Amber Ales but any beer that makes my palate happy I'll bottoms up the son of a gun. Here’s one of my favorite quotes: “A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.” Cheers! 04/19/12

At the moment my favorite brews are/come from:

Hood River, Oregon's Full Sail Brewery (IPA)
Escondido, California's Stone Brewery (IPA)
Eugene, Oregon's Ninkasi Brewery (TG IPA)
Honorable mention:
Lahaina, Maui’s Maui Brewing Co. (Hi.P.Hay IPA)


  1. I guess Acropolis is in order if I’m ever in da’hood.

  2. Jason McGeough says:

    Dude, when I hit the Pacific Northwest, I’m so there. We’ll have a Keg Tap meeting there, complete with juicy steaks and delicious craft brews. And a great view for all…

  3. You all already know when in town we are going straight to the Acrop from the airport ;)

  4. Sounds like ill have to have my hubby and friends check out the steak,

  5. Jesse thr bomb says:

    Due to the fact that you have tested the different beers over the past years, start your own brewery. Believe it or not, you can do it in small areas. Sounds like you need to start creating your own tastiness. Rock on!

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