Shitty People Drink Good Beer? Sexism in Craft Beer


Sexism in Craft Beer

Two weeks ago the CraftBeerVixen posted a guest article on our site about converting non-craft drinkers to the craft side. It was a great and insightful article and one that I’m very proud is hosted on our site. I’m also super grateful that we had the chance to interact with her and finally hear the voice behind the personality. All of that positivity and excitement came with an unexpected twist, the shitty gulch of the craft beer community. It’s a side of the community I never saw before and one I was really shocked to see in a community I’m so passionate about . The negative feedback really opened my eyes to the idea that shitty people do drink craft beer too and yes sexism in craft beer exists.

It all started September 25, 2014 when Jason M posted an article titled Real Women Don’t Drink Light Beer, in the article he highlighted notable women of the craft beer scene on Instagram. Later that day we Instagramed a promo for that article and the shit storm began. Amongst the positive comments there were a few unsavory ones which caught my eye and raised my awareness to the possibility of trolling when posting the CraftBeerVixen’s post. When her post went live I was glued to my phone and computer monitoring, deleting and blocking unwelcomed comments. Those few days were rough for me personally because I saw this blissful, inclusive, forward thinking community take many steps backwards.

A week later I read the post This Needs to be Addressed on Stouts and Stilettos about Tierney’s experience while wearing a t-shirt at a beer event and the ensuing foul mouthed comments she received as a result. I reached out and she responded “The slut shaming aspect of our culture needs to end because it’s down right bull shit.” :)

Finally this week The Beer Wench‘s (Ashley Routson) book gets teased ahead of its debut and the craft beer scene took another turn for the worse. She has been inundated with so much hate mail that she wrote the following on her Facebook Page:

“Over the course of 24 hours, I’ve seen dozens of hateful, hurtful messages and posts from people in the craft beer industry about my book (and me) on social media. Now, I understand that opinions of these cyber bullies do not represent the industry as a whole. And I know that some of you actually do support me. However, in a time when I need you to support me the most, there are crickets” – read more of her post 


As a male in craft beer, I didn’t see it before because if people disagree with my posts or do not like what I have to offer, they ignore our site and look the other way. Never once have I had a comment on our site as vile and disrespectful as these examples. Women are targeted because they are women, there’s no other explanation for it. These trolls displace women and negate their contribution to the craft beer community because in a male dominated culture, they can. By keeping silent and not expressing our discontent we are tacitly allowing the sexism to continue. The female voice and approach to craft beer can be different but it’s just as valuable as it’s male counterpart.

Seeing the few accomplished female craft beer personalities (in proportion to men) endure this level of hate and sexism sickens me and for a while made me question if my conviction for the craft beer community was misguided.  I have since come to realize that we here at The Keg Tap have the ability to stand with our female craft beer counterparts and raise awareness. We might not be able to weed out the trolls and the prevalent sexism in craft beer  but at the least we can bring attention to it.

We at The Keg Tap recognize our male dominated voice doesn’t foster the best platform for raising female awareness so earlier in 2014 we began featuring female guests on our site. Our first female guest was Craftylady24_7 her voice was highly received and we couldn’t have asked for a better guest to start off with. Some guests worked out others didn’t but we kept trying. Three days ago we introduced our newest member of The Keg Tap, estroJen. She provides us a steady female voice one that I’m happy to have and one who’s path I’m anxious to follow and gets us a little closer to leveling our voice. For those of you wondering, yes Craftylady24_7 will be back very shortly. Stay tuned.

Sexism in Craft Beer. What can you do?

Say something! Stand up for our female counterparts! Support women in craft beer and most of all don’t be a shitty person!


Buy Ashley’s book here:

The Beer Wench’s Guide to Beer: An Unpretentious Guide to Craft Beer by Ashley V. Routson


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  1. I want to start by saying I am a fan and supporter of Ashley. She has done more for craft beer via social media than just about anyone. My only issue with this article is you make it sound as if she was attacked simply for releasing the book. This shit storm was started because her publisher fucked up and people misinterpreted that she was misrepresentating.
    Craft beers a social media and “troll” centric industry.

    • Thanks for reading Nate.

      Even after she clarified the mistake on her FB page (made by her publisher) she was still attacked. If the article came off as her being attacked because she released the book, that was not my intent because you are correct most of the hate surrounded the master cicerone title. I was using the incident as an example but in her FB post about wine blogging that I pulled that quote from, she does mention how much hate she’s received in the past unrelated to the book.

      Again man I appreciate you taking the time to clarify that and reading the post! Cheers!

  2. I enjoy your posts bud and youre right in the entirety of your post that people used the opportunity to attack her. If you’re in sd and please stop by the Toronado so I can buy you a brew

  3. I totally support women drinking and discussing craft beer!!!!
    I love it when some random guy strolls up to me at a bottle shop and thinks he is going to help or enlighten me on beer….. you should see their faces when I end up teaching them. Keep drinking ladies and gents!

  4. Dude, really? Come on guys, this isn’t the locker room after a football game. These girls shouldn’t be shamed/scorned/ostricized for enjoying the same craft as we do. They should be commended for having the – ahem… – cojones to run headfirst into such a male dominated scene, with much success I might add. As far as I’m concerned, you can take that nonsense elsewhere, because I – no, WE – have no time for that in our lives. Women always offer a different perspective on things. Now that I’m married, I’m always consulting with my wife for her opinion or view on things. Why would taste be any different? Not to mention, I’ve been trying to get her palate developed so she too can enjoy the myriad of flavors I’ve enjoyed in craft beer. Why wouldn’t we want to do that for everyone else? There is no place for exclusivity in craft beer. This isn’t the good ol’ boys club. I want everyone to join me and enjoy good beer together – men and women.

    Ladies, I’ll proudly stand with you and enjoy a nice cold brew. After all, that’s what this is all about it, isn’t it? Cheers…

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