Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest (video)

Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest 6.7% ABV

By chance I happen to come across Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest as I was walking out of the beer store. It was a bottle I hadn’t seen before and I had recently helped my wife brew a batch of beer containing Galaxy hops from Australia so I thought this might be the perfect beer to get a preview of what “Down Unda” hops taste like.

While I think Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest doesn’t smack me over the head with flavors I’ve never had before, it does provide me with some great flavor and a very drinkable ABV of 6.7%  which to me is the selling point of this beer.

Watch the video above and leave a comment here or on youtube and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Keg Tap Rating: A

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  1. Is that a beer mug refrigerator magnet bottle opener? I have two of those myself. Great conversation pieces.

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