Snake River Whiskey Barrel Porter – The Brewing…

The Keg Tap guys convened at my place for a brewing of the whiskey barrel porter we have been waiting to create. In the recipe there is about 9 pounds of Dark and Amber malt extract that goes along with a large grain bag full of Black, Chocolate and Crystal malt grains. Once the kettle began to boil, producing a strong chocolate and caramel aroma, we threw in the Kent Golding and Galena hops, both of which offer serious aromatic floral character to anything in their path. We also initiated a newcomer into the world of homebrewing. Sonia Cruz got to partake in stirring the yeast into the wort mixture, as well as capping the fermenter and inserting the airlock to conclude stage one of the brewing.

In another week, we will add the whiskey (Maker’s Mark is top shelf, and the suggested brand for this brewing) and the oak wood chips and let it condition for the next couple months. This will allow the oaky, wooden flavor to really come out in the brew, along with a nice bite from the whiskey. Many breweries have been experimenting with oak barrel aging and it has produced delicious complex flavors. We thought it would be a great opportunity for us to fully understand the appeal of this (both making and tasting this unique type of brew) therefore we ran with it. Also created a killer label for the bottles once we get to that stage. Next update will be in another week or so. Enjoy the pics!





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