Stone the RuinTen Crows! (video)

Stone RuinTen

I purchased Stone RuinTen about two weeks ago and didn’t drink it because it was so high in alcohol that I wanted to leave it for the weekend. Yesterday I worked out and I felt like I deserved a treat, so into my glass and out through my … :) Yes I know I probably drank what I worked off thus negating the workout but F it!

From the moment you open the beer you can smell the resin citrus wafting through the air. It grips you right in the privates and says “Come here. Taste me!” It’s like watching Ghostbusters at 2AM, you know you shouldn’t but you can’t look away! Watch the video and let me know what you think about RuinTen or the video! Cheers!

Stone RuinTen

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