Sweaty Betty, Nice and Steady: Sweaty Betty Blonde Ale

Sweaty Betty Beer

Sweaty Betty Blonde Ale photo by bump of Flickr.com

Sweaty Betty Blonde Ale – 5.9% ABV

Going through as many wheat beers or blonde ales as I have, it’s often easy to become jaded or unimpressed by the latest offering from a new brewery. Thankfully I found one that didn’t bore me to death. As a completely insatiable beer nerd, I decided to get a craft beer of the month subscription, to complement the brews that I normally get either at Buy-Rite or in one of the bars I frequent for said mission. I get my hands on a 12 pack of a few different varieties of delicious beer each month. The first of which I am able to review is Sweaty Betty Blonde Ale from the Boulder Beer Company, based in Boulder, CO.

Sweaty Betty Blonde Ale is at first glance a pale straw blonde color. But when finished pouring this into a glass, one must be mindful to do the old “Sediment Swirl.” With any hefe or other beers that still have that sediment resting at the bottom of the bottle, when there is about a quarter left in the bottle, you take it and swirl it around with your wrist, allowing the sediment to free itself and mix with the beer. Pour out the rest into your glass and you’ve now imparted the hazy or cloudy element to the look of your beer. It also gives the brew some added flavor dimension.

The nose on this beer is very light and refreshing, quite akin to some of the Belgian Wits I’ve had – citrus, lemon and yeast. To clarify, this is a American pale wheat ale, but for all intents and purposes, we’ll just call it a blonde ale.  The aroma on this beer after pouring brings forth wheat, yeast, citrus and coriander, with a hint of grassy earthiness in it. Interesting to say the least. After taking a pull off this brew, I’m almost reminded of a farmhouse ale or saison. The taste that hits the palate is lemony, with a subtle touch of hop bitterness to keep it nicely balanced in the finish. The carbonation is soft and smooth, so this goes down quite easily.

Sweaty Betty Blonde Ale is a nice beer. I’d like to try it again and match it up against others of its kind. Word on the street is that those cats out in Colorado know how to make their beer. I’ve had a few offerings and so far I can’t disagree. I’m looking forward to the next variety from Boulder that came in this 12 pack, their Flashback Ale. More on that soon. Cheers!


Sweaty Betty Beer

Sweaty Betty Blonde Ale

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