The Reason Beer is Better than Wine: Heil Bier!

Beer Salute by habeebee of

Beer Salute by habeebee of

You know one of the things I hated so much about wine was  finding an excellent bottle, writing it down and after 6 months when the new year came out, its wasn’t the same. Its as if they changed the recipe and duped you into packaging that less than perfect wine in the same bottle and only changing one digit on the label. GRRRR!!! Wine is like a schizophrenic friend, I never know who I’m dealing with. The inconsistency of wine has led me down paths to find something that I can taste and rest assured that the next batch is going to be very similar if not identical to the last. Enter BEER! Sure you might get a year when the batch is off or slightly different but nothing like wine. There’s nothing like going over to someone’s house and “bringing them something special” only for you to seem like a nueb and you have to explain that the last bottle you had was great and it must be the year and then running out the house crying like a school girl while the dog chases after you and you trip over the hedges in the front yard. (totally hypothetical)

Brewers have specific recipes for beers, that contain at least 3 main ingredients making them less susceptible to annual variance. Unlike wine if the grape didn’t get enough water or sunlight or the soil was bad just like Paterno’s career, its over. The truly worst part is you don’t find out until after you spent $13 on a bottle and you’re stuck home drinking a bottle that burns going down and give you the one eyed willy face. So go pick up a bottle of beer and rest assured that next time you buy the beer, its going to be exactly the same.



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