The Shape of Hops To Come and My Perception of Bitterness (video)

Neshaminy Creek The Shape of Hops To Come ABV: 8.5%  IBU: 98

Mitch Steele Brewmaster at Stone Brewing states we can only perceive bitterness up to 70-80 IBUs. So what’s up with all the 100 IBUs beers? The hop bombs? The palate wreckers? On the other side of the IBU debate, Researchers at Penn State University say it really depends on the person and the genetics passed down.

Today I take on Neshaminy Creek The Shape of Hops To Come and put my “bitterness ceiling” to the test in the video above. I for one could taste the 98 IBUs unlike some other high IBU beers I’ve had in recent past. Theoretically speaking Big Hundo is higher in IBUs so I should have gotten more bitterness from that beer, but I didn’t.

Watch the video above of Neshaminy Creek The Shape of Hops To Come Double IPA and let me know what you think about this bitterness debate.


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