The Sly Christmas Ale

I spent about thirty minutes online looking for the perfect christmas brew, something that would rival the 2010  Anchor Christmas Ale that I so loved. So I had my list went to the store and like always, I couldn’t find anything I picked. So I hopped on the web while in the store and tried to find other options. One of the brews I picked up was Sly Fox Christmas 2010 the other was Avery Old Jubilation (which I reviewed).

I poured the beer and the head rushed up giving me about 3 inches of head, thankfully I wasn’t going for a full pour. Smelling it gives you a whiff of maltiness and booze but how bad can that be? Tasting it though is what started the christmas party early. Wow I was blown away by the holiday spices present in this beer. It has all of the typical cinnamon, cloves and all spice flavors all in this highly carbonated brew. Its almost like having a saison beer, its just that carbonated. This is a good brew hands down and I really have to commend Sly Fox for taking this brew and making it bold with spices and flavor and attempting to stake its claim.

The lows: this beer was a bit too carbonated which to me wasn’t a good thing here, like I said it reminds me of those super drinkable saisons you find and look for in the summer. For winter warmers I’m lookin for something heavier something more akin to stouts and porters but hey that’s just me and what do I know…

Will I buy this again? Yes, if I can find it. This is a great winter warmer that will be a hard act to follow.

Stay Thirsty but Stay Different.

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