Victory Moving Parts Batch 2 Fails to Move Me (video)

I really like Victory Brewing Company beers Dirt Wolf, Hop Devil, Storm King, Prima Pils are all fantastic beers so when I had the opportunity to follow their Moving Parts series I was happy to jump on board. The series looks to take a base recipe and tweak certain ingredients to make a completely different beer, its a great experiment that normally isn’t done on the commercial level. Kudos to Victory for having the ovaries to do something so different and take a stand against the norm and challenge the craft beer community.

The first batch of MovingParts Batch 1 left me a little confused but still gave me a beer I was able to get behind and drink. It was a different take on an IPA that took my palate through some soul searching and questioned what I thought I knew about IPAs. Moving Parts Batch 2 gives me the same shake down and takes my palate on a wild ride.

What I got from Batch 2 was a well crafted beer that’s refreshing, beautiful to look at and challenges your IPA palate. But does it push me too much?

Have you tried the Moving Parts series? If so let me know what you think!


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