West Coast IPA is Really an East Coast IPA: Ballantine IPA (video)

Last  year I purchased a home that I fell in love with from the moment I entered the door to the moment I left. See the house was littered with beer paraphernalia, specifically Ballantine beer. Being the beer lover I am I automatically fell in love with the house and started to grow an affinity for the brand. growing up in Newark, NJ I remember taking tours of the Ballantine house as a child and not really connecting with the grand home that I was walking through.

About two weeks ago Pabst reached out to me to sample Ballantine IPA and I shared my story of buying a home with them and the fact that the former owner of my house worked at Ballantine. They responded that they where going to be in Newark shooting promotional video for the beer and would love to get me and my former owner in the video. So I found myself sitting in the Ballantine House once again but now as an adult and with a passion for the history behind the walls. I was able to meet and interact Greg Deuhs Brewmaster at Pabst and go over with him some of the techniques and nuances of the beer. I was glad to here that he kept the hop distillation technique in the process and surprised to hear that he put a modern twist on the beer by adding Cascade.  Overall I had a fantastic time being a part of the revival of my history and just being around such great folks and talking beer.

Ballantine IPA on Tap

Ballantine IPA on Tap

Ballantine IPA is a great beer that holds its own in a overly saturated IPA market. When you drink this beer the first thing that rings through my head is the level of bitterness and hop flavor in the beer. Its a flavor we attribute to the West Coast IPA but as this beer is their father! Ken Grossman at Sierra Nevada modeled his now famous Sierra Nevada Pale Ale after this beer and reminds you that the west coast beer you’re used to is really an East Coast IPA originally brewed right here in my home town, Newark, New Jersey. Ballantine IPA

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