fizzics a machine to enhance beer

Fizzics – A Machine to Enhance Beer?

The buzz is in the air for a machine that claims to enhance your glass of beer, Fizzics. Is it worth it? Does it do what it says? Looking at the information on Fizzics website I’m still trying to figure out this machines place in the market and justify it as a machine worth purchasing.

What is Fizzics?

Fizzics is a Keurig looking machine that claims to “take any carbonated beer and make it awesome.” It’s created by self proclaimed Master Beer Chefs, not sure what that title means but they say the whole idea behind the system is “to bring the perfect pour into your living room.” OK so let’s cut the nomenclature and lofty phrases away and look at what the thing actually does.

What Does Fizzics Actually Do?

The machine takes a beer, pours it into a glass for you which isn’t anything out of the ordinary. In fact I would argue that I do not need a machine to pour a beer for me. What’s so hard about pouring the beer into a glass? I’ve been doing it for years and never really struggled doing that. Here’s what the machine actually does, when you’re almost finished pouring the beer, it takes a bit of beer and emits sound waves through it dividing the bubbles making them smaller and contributing to perception of a creamy and smooth head.

The head that Fizzics creates is probably similar to the head on a nitrogen infused beer, like Guinness, Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout or Oskar Blues Old Chub Nitro. I happen to like the head on nitro beers, they are creamy and delicious but I don’t care for nitro beers that much because they come across as flat beer. If this machine gives me a creamy head and a carbonated drink, I’m all for trying it.

Should You Fund the Campaign?

If you believe a machine that gives you a creamy head on beer is worth $200 retail, this is the product for you. My budget precludes me from making such a purchase, even at the fundraising rate of $120. I just can’t justify this purchase when I factor in what the machine actually does, create creamy head. Also if you think about the long term of this, its another thing to wash, another thing to buy batteries for and another thing to potentially break.

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