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In 2007 Irving was getting tired of wine,  so he thought about taking a second look at an old nemesis, beer.  At the time, in most liquor stores your choices were only from the major brewers and on rare occasion you could find that one different beer tucked away on the bottom shelf in the back of the store. So he began to explore the world of beer beyond the major brewers, mainly imports but an occasional US brewery.

Three years and many beers later in walks Jason Cintron handing Irving a bottle of some St. Bernardus Abt 12 and forever changing his perspective on life.  The cosmic beer gates opened up, rocked his world and set him off on a journey to find the perfect beer. The next year proved to be difficult, purchasing many different kinds of beers hating some, liking others, spending money on beers we didn’t always like but drinking them anyway in the name of research.  Somewhere in that moment of finding ourselves and our taste buds we ran into a “situation,” we started to forget what beers we had already tried, tasted like.


That’s were the story of The Keg Tap begins, our need to document our beers so that we could remember what we liked and didn’t like. Irving reached out to Jason, who reached out to home brewer Rob to get that perspective of someone more seasoned. Our West Coast buddy Juan J came along for the ride and is providing great insight into the West Coast beers you can’t get here on the East Coast. The next drinker to join the crusade was Texas transplant Jason M and has been giving us that Texas twang in a Jersey accent ever since. Next drinker to come aboard is another Texas native Jacob who brings us first hand report by being the only drinker to currently live in Texas. Last but certainly not least, Hermen has joined the team and has been giving us the Colorado native and homebrew story ever since.

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We have found in the process of creating the site that our original goals have changed from keeping a record of beers, to education and entertainment. That my friend is where we will lay our hat, we are about using our passion for beer to educate and entertainment in hopes that our passion will inspire you to pick up something different and take that next step to expand the potential for good beer in America.  It is with your help and our scribbles we will hopefully continue to fuel the beer revolution in America and find ourselves one step closer to saying “damn that was a good beer.”


  • To use our mostly Latino team to provide a community for all beer drinkers to experience beers through our Spanish speaking lens.
  • To provide tips and insight to new home brewers through our diverse team.
  • To use our diversity to create an environment where all craft beer drinkers feel welcomed and entertained.